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Vegan Gels from emmi®NAIL Ireland – The professional and high-quality emmi®NAIL Gels and Gel Polishes are free from animal testing and 100% vegan.

Our customers have been able to buy vegan UV nail gels from Emmi-Nail since Cosmetica 2015 . Since then, we have continued down this path and make sure that no animal testing is carried out for our gels or that animals die for it. For us, this is important and a matter of course, because the well-being of the animals is important to us.

Set yourself apart from other nail salons and set an example!

We take responsibility and thus also ensure the success of our studio owners. The constantly growing customer base of people who go through life more mindfully is looking for alternatives in nail design. First of all, we had to research and find out which raw materials may be contained in a gel labeled “VEGAN” and which ones must be replaced. On 11-03-2013, an EU-wide law was passed, which means that the sale of cosmetic products is prohibited if they contain raw materials that do not refrain from animal testing after this date.

Vegan refers both to the raw materials and to the refraining from animal testing.

After creation, the gels we offer are only subject to physical tests/measurements, which are about their properties and hardening phases. We do not test on animals. When we talk about the “vegan” gels from emmi®NAIL, we are talking about raw materials that are exclusively produced synthetically. We have avoided anything that has anything to do with organic production, even if it involves active ingredients derived from living animals. Our house is ISO 9001 certified. This means that every work step is documented and checked. Every delivery is first subjected to a quality control, only then does it go on for further processing or sale.

Our vegan emmi®NAIL Gels and Gel Polishes cure in all conventional UV light-curing devices and our emmi®NAIL UV/LED hybrid nail lamps. There are no changes in the processing of the vegan gels. However, at the same time they are all LED-polymerizing. In this way, we give our customers an innovative product that also saves time.

❤ Because we care about the welfare of animals ❤

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