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Interview Questions and Answers with emmi®NAIL board member B. Emekci – Professional high-quality & 100% Vegan Gels from emmi®NAIL Ireland

Interview Questions and Answers with B.Emekci
Question: What were your motivations for launching vegan gels?

B.Emekci answer:

When observing the market, we noticed the beginning boom in “vegan” products. At the same time, our customers called us asking whether our gels were vegan. These calls reached us not only from Germany and after a very short time we realized that we not only have to follow this trend, but want to. 

Question: Which target group do you want to address with the vegan gels?

B.Emekci answer:

We feel responsible for the success of our customers and want to give studio owners a new customer base.

The number of competitors is increasing, as is dumping with prices. Which nail salon owner can afford to give away his work for €25.00 for an appointment that lasts 1.5 hours. 

Only those who recognize the market and react quickly can stand out from the competition.  

Question: Did you have to overcome any special challenges during production, for example with regard to the selection of raw materials? Which animal raw materials did you have to do without? Or does the term “vegan” primarily refer to the refraining from animal testing?

B.Emekci answer:

First of all, we had to research and find out which raw materials may be contained in a gel labeled “VEGAN” and which ones must be replaced.

On 11-03-2013, an EU-wide law was passed, which means that the sale of cosmetic products is prohibited if they contain raw materials that do not refrain from animal testing after this date.

Vegan refers both to the raw materials and to the refraining from animal testing.

After creation, the gels we offer are only subject to physical tests/measurements, which are about their properties and hardening phases. We definitely do not test on animals.

Question: Are the new products only vegan or also organic?

B.Emekci answer:

When we talk about the “vegan” gels from emmi®NAIL, we are talking about raw materials that are exclusively produced synthetically. We have avoided anything that has anything to do with organic production, even if it involves active ingredients derived from living animals.

The raw material “carmine” is often found in nail polishes and lipsticks or eye shadows, and it can also be used to color nail cosmetic UV gels.

Question: How do you ensure quality assurance? Are the products certified or are you aiming for certification?

B.Emekci answer:

Our house is ISO 9001 certified. This means that every work step is documented and checked. Every delivery is first subjected to a quality control, only then does it go on for further processing or sale.

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Question: Can the vegan gels be processed in the same way as conventional gels? Or do you have to change the way you work in the studio?

B.Emekci answer:

There are no changes in the processing of the vegan gels. However, they are all LED polymerizing at the same time. In this way, we give our customers an innovative product that also saves time.

Question: Are you planning to offer more vegan products? For example, vegan brushes without natural hair?

B.Emekci answer:

We will look at the needs of our customers and can react immediately with further vegan gels. 

Additional products of this type are being considered to complete the system.

Question: What role do sustainability and ecological awareness play for your company? Have there been any changes to the product packaging, for example?

B.Emekci answer:

Packaging material has not only been an issue since the “vegan” gels. For years we have made sure that environmentally friendly packaging materials are used, that packaging is space-saving and that as few flakes or air cushions are used as possible. As a last change, we have adapted the cardboard packaging to the average orders in order, as I said, to use as few environmentally harmful materials as possible

This interview was conducted with emmi®NAIL Germany Board Member B.Emekci and has been translated to English for emmi®NAIL Ireland

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