Acryl Gel Nude Glitter 15ml

Acryl Gel Nude Glitter 15ml

28.95 inc. VAT

Acryl Gel 2in1 Gel Brush & Spatula

14.95 inc. VAT
Acryl Gel 2in1 Gel Brush & Spatula

Acryl Gel Clear/Soft Rose 50ml

49.95 inc. VAT

Product description
  • Available in Clear or Soft Rose
  • Flexible and extremely stable
  • Perfect attachment
  • Odorless
  • Fast curing
  • UV and UV/LED hybrid curing
  • Allows longer application time
  • For new nail techs and professionals
  • Easy to file
  • Vegan
  • Colours: Clear or Soft Rose
  • Content: Large 50ml pot
  • Professional Use Only

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Acryl Gels Series

The Advantages of Acrylic and Gel Combined


Emmi-Nail Ireland Acryl Gel Clear/Soft Rose 50ml

The Emmi-Nail Ireland Acryl Gel available in Clear or Soft Rose is characterized by its extreme stability. Since it is a flexible product, it adapts optimally to the shape and movement of soft nails and is still extremely stable even when used thinly .

Emmi-Nail Ireland Acryl Gel does not run into the sidewalls like conventional UV Gel can, and is therefore ideal for both new nail technicians and professionals. Acryl Gels are an extremely thick consistency which allows plenty of time to perfect your application before curing. This also ensures minimal filing work , as you can give yourself enough time to bring the nail application into the desired shape and to optimally design the apex.


Content: 50ml


Professional Use Only




Additional information

Weight 190 g

Clear, Soft Rosé 


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